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how to create a business plan

Is Your Success Accidental?

Do you have a business plan? If you don’t plan your business, the business will either fail or not meet your actual goals. In this video and blog post, I want to provide four steps to business planning. And then I’m going to give you a step-by-step solution on how you can activate a business plan beginning right now so that you can get through this year successfully, purposefully and intentionally.

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benefits of attending live events

Live Events are BACK!

One of the criteria for success in any market is the commitment to learning and getting better. And Live Events are one of the best ways to learn from top tier professionals. In this 5 minute video I show you how to decide between all of these great events! (My recommendation? Sales Mastery 2022!)

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asking better sales questions

Do you suck at asking questions?

Questions are the difference between an incredible business and a not-so-good one. Even if you’re asking questions: Are you asking the questions that will truly build an emotional connection and therefore a better business relationship? In this blog post and video, I take you through the three types of questions you should be asking at every meeting.

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How to Run Impactful Sales Meetings

How to Run Impactful Sales Meetings

How are your sales meetings? Do they follow the following structure: Inspiration and motivation. Education and development. Action and accountability. In this blog post and video, I take you through the optimal structure for an impactful sales meeting.

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How to improve your follow up

You’re Terrible at Follow Up

We’ve all been there: You get off a great call or meeting, are promised referrals, and never hear from them again. Why? Because you’re not following up. In this post and video, I take you through one action and three questions to solidify partnerships that you can start doing right away.

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Asking Questions to Close Sales

Questions are the Holy Grail of Sales

Are you struggling to close sales? You may not be asking enough questions. I’m going to talk to you about three things that you can do to immediately begin to create deeper levels of connection and faster percentages of conversion.

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Todd Duncan on Inflation

My Thoughts on Inflation

I’m seeing a lot of fear and a lot of potential pain in the marketplace right now. We’ve come from a market that was very unnatural last year, to a market that is less predictable than any market we’ve seen in decades. In this video, I want to give you solutions on how you can actually prepare your business right now for whatever the future’s going to hold.

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Circle of Cash Flow Referrals

The Circle of Cash Flow

Have you heard of the best business strategy for growing your business on the planet? It’s called the Circle of Cash Flow and it’s something that about 99% of mortgage loan originators are missing, which is losing them millions of dollars in commissions. Learn more here.

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Why Mortgage Coaching

Why Mortgage Coaching?

Have you ever considered mortgage coaching, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? In this post, I go over all the benefits of mortgage coaching and show you how this one thing can completely improve your business and life.

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Bad Tapes Are Bad

Have you ever been afraid of taking action? Of failing? Of taking a step in an unknown direction? If you answered yes, this is a really important message called bad tapes are bad. What do I mean by that? Watch this video or read this blog post to find out.

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