How to Maximize Your Next 90 Days

Are you ready for a life-changing next 90 days? Let me tell you how.

You might FEEL like in order to grow, you have to do every idea you have right away, but you don’t!

You can do LESS and get MORE with this 90 day burn.

Instead of focusing on every single idea you have, narrow it down to 1-3 ideas and spend 90 days laser focused on those ideas.

Here’s an example: You just moved to a new market and you need to get your business going.

That can feel overwhelming.

Simplify it and it becomes achievable.

I had a client named John in the exact same position. John found the top 15% of realtors in his local market and focused on those. For his area, that meant 65 Realtors. Over the next 65 business days he sent an introduction letter to one Real Estate Agent a day, and followed up with each of them 48 hours later.

From days 60-90 he met with 35 new agents, received 32 loans, and closed 14 of them in the next month.

Implementation by simplification. That’s the 90 day burn.

So write down your top three ideas and spend 30 days on each one. That’s it! Follow this method and watch your efficiency SKYROCKET. You’ll discover more meaningful relationships and in doing so, increase your wins! Then, just rinse and repeat.

If you want to maximize your time, you need a plan.

If a 1% increase in your conversion can equate to an extra $1,100 a month. Imagine what a 12% increase would do for you! Most people aren’t sure what they need to change in order to grow their business.

That’s why I’ve created a new free tool so you can create your own Wealth Building Business Plan.

With this Wealth Calculator, you can easily see exactly what you need to do in order to close the gap between your current numbers and your goal. I’ve also created two versions so you can select the calculator that’s best for you to create a business plan that’s built for your needs.


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