Scripting: The #1 Tip to Sales Call Success

Want to know the secret to success? 

Listen closely – it’s not only about communicating, it’s about communicating well!

Knowing EXACTLY what you need to say to potential clients will get you where you want your business to be!

Here’s a sales secret: Scripting.

You have to know what you’re saying when you’re selling. The best way to do that is to script it out. Write out an answer to every question you get asked regularly.

In my 20s, Realtors always said to me, “I want an LO with a lot of experience, how much do you have?”

Here’s how I respond: “While I might be new to the loan business, I am not new to the idea of taking great care of customers.”

Whatever your script is, record yourself saying it 10 times.

Don’t just memorize it, internalize it.

Even though it is scripted, it can’t sound scripted to clients. Practice more than you play. Otherwise, when you play, you will look like you haven’t practiced.

Success is where preparation meets opportunity.

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