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Todd Duncan has spent his life teaching and equipping professionals with the power of HIGH TRUST as the #1 catalyst for achieving their personal and professional dreams.

As a highly sought-after, game-changing speaker, he presents solutions for the real-life challenges business professionals face and gives you vision, confidence, and a plan to get more out of business and life!

His guiding philosophy is to trust yourself, your relationships, your faith, and your future. When you do that, you set in motion a universe of possibilities.

Todd is a Business Entrepreneur with over 5,000,000 students around the globe that he has mentored and taught life, time, sales, leadership, and service mastery. 

When you follow Todd’s teachings, success will follow you, guaranteed!

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Where Do You Need Solutions?

The latest strategies to WIN in today's competitive market.

Here’s everything you need to make every year your BEST YEAR EVER!  Gain trust and better serve your clients virtually and in person!

Attract new business, get new listings, and learn to negotiate successfully like all top producers.

Make your life richer than ever before! you are worth it! You deserve it.

Collection of proven marketing materials to help you build TRUST.

If your productivity is struggling because of a lack of structure, this series of resources is for you.

Find out what you should be saying NOW and start forming relationships. Talk Less…Sell More.

The Todd Duncan Experience is Backed By His Commitment To:



Todd’s Comprehensive collectionof game changing content will help you lead, sell, serve and live your best version of yourself!


Get your whole team plugged in for the On-Demand Experience giving them an edge in any market at any time!


Join the only online community teaching you how to build trusted relationships that translate into greater revenue in your business & more ease in your life!

Why Choose Todd Duncan's World-class Training Solutions?

What’s your formula for success?  Most don’t have one.  With Todd Duncan as your personal Business and Life Coach you will learn and master the proven skills that unlock the combination for your success and significance.

WHY Settle for average when you can be great?

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  • Access to ALL of Todd Duncan’s Game Changing Content
  • Life, Time, Sales, Leadership and Operations Mastery Courses
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  • Membership Pricing on Virtual LIVE and Physical Events

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Todd Duncan, world's leading authority on trust

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