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Todd Duncan continues to deliver results through stronger IMPACT, increased PROFIT, and flexibility of LIFESTYLE.

You are built for impact.  Your job is to make a difference.  If you center your life on helping people win, you will never look, ever, for business.  It will be attracted to you.

Life was meant to live well.  Challenges make us stronger.  Victories inspire us.  When Impact and Profit come together, you will have freedom and peace of mind.

Your most important exchange rate is the time you put into the job and the revenue you produce from that labor.  Your job is to minimize the gap between your potential and your reality.

  • Tips to motivating a team
  • How to find your personal “switch”
  • 3 ways to sustain levels of motivation
  • Mastering Goal Setting
  • Step by step process to a attain your targets
  • Strategies to become a professional
  • Know-hows of making the most important sale
  • Success rituals to control time
  • An abundance of rebuttals to close the deal
  • Step by step situational breakdowns of negotiations
  • Access to the 17 things that will kill customer stalls
  • Advanced closes for every situation
  • Secrets that only the successful know
  • Todd’s Path to Greatness
  • How to surround yourself with the successful
  • How the Greats handle failure and rejection

Trust yourself, your relationships, your faith and your future. When you do that, you set in motion a universe of possibilities.

— Todd Duncan

Whether you are planing an event and want sales ideas, sales motivation, a full sales training or just the most inspirational presentation to boost your entire company, Todd Duncan will bring it!


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