The Power of Early Mentorship for Loan Officers

When I started my career, I had a mentor. I want to tell you about an early conversation we had when I was just getting started in the mortgage industry.

My early mentor asked me what I wanted to focus on: Transactions or relationships?

I said “transactions,” he said, “wrong answer.”

I asked “why? Isn’t that why I’m doing what I’m doing?” and he said, “No. Transactions are the byproduct of a relationship.” And I said wow and I didn’t really understand it, so he said this to me:

And what I learned at the age of 23 right out of college, and what I practice today, and what we’re innovating High Trust business around, is the POWER OF RELATIONSHIPS.

“Transactions will make you a living, relationships will make you a fortune.”

So that’s it. That’s how an early mentor changed the course of how I run my business and how I run my life.

What could early mentorship do for you?

Find out with Todd Duncan Coaching.


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