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A Life-Changing Learning Experience

After a decade of understanding what makes a mortgage professional successful I discovered the 14 LAWS OF HIGH TRUST SELLING that when followed allow you to enjoy the business you’re in AND have the life of your dreams. 

On day 1 you’re given the 300-page playbook that throughout the week you complete to make your best life happen. The High Trust Sales Academy is where the best mortgage professionals go to sharpen their swords for the year ahead.

Intimate & Relational

The High Trust Sales Academy is limited to under 300 people to create the optimal environment for up close and personal learning, sharing, and networking. You’ll be learning directly from Todd Duncan as well as his top-performing clients like Wally Elibiary, Denise Donaghue, Cody Hardridge, Sharla Ellis, Tim Broadhurst, and more. 

This is an event like no other.

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