Why Your Team Should Attend the High Trust Sales Academy

In the world of sales training for mortgage professionals, the High Trust Sales Academy is in a class of its own. 

Because in today’s ever-changing economy, knowing how to master the art of building long-term relationships is what will ultimately differentiate an average mortgage professional from one that is consistently crushing their quota.

That’s why the top 1% of mortgage professionals, for the past 20+ years, have grabbed their seat for the 4-day High Trust Sales Academy. Open to only 250 people every year, this is THE one training experience that truly takes mortgage businesses to the next level. And, one of those top 1%’ers who attends every year is Denise Donoghue with The Mortgage Nerd.

Denise attributes the High Trust Sales Academy as being the catalyst that helped propel her business from a few million in revenue to over $200M in revenue every year!

For mortgage professionals who are looking to gain a competitive edge on the market and are eager to learn the most proven ways to increase their conversions – the High Trust Sales Academy offers 5 distinct advantages over other sales training events:


#1 – It’s More Than Just Sales Strategy

Successful selling begins with the right mindset. Todd Duncan’s High Trust Sales Academy helps you cultivate a winning mentality, emphasizing that trust-building is not a one-time event but an ongoing journey. Attendees learn to embrace challenges, reject negative thinking, and adopt a positive, growth-oriented outlook that empowers them to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

You don’t just learn strategy – you learn the psychology behind what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. This is the only place where you get to understand the ins and outs of how to build relationships, ask questions, and most importantly position yourself to thrive, But, not just that, you get the roadmap to put everything into action, like the specific playbook to follow, step by step to be a better loan officer,” Denise adds.


#2 – It Unlocks New Shifts In Your Business Every Time You Attend

The High Trust Sales Academy is not a one-and-done event; it’s a commitment to ongoing growth. The resources, strategies, feedback, and community you get access to ensures that your team has access to continuous learning and development opportunities. 

Every time I go back to the High Trust Sales Academy, I’m in a different headspace and at a different level in my career. So, the things that didn’t resonate with me the first year, landed differently when I came back the next year. And, every time I go, I’ve learned something that I can easily put into play to impact my bottom line. The new shifts I make within myself and my business are truly incredible,” Denise shares.


#3 – It Connects You To Next Levels of Sales & Profits

This isn’t just another sales training, the High Trust Sales Academy is a highly immersive learning experience solely focused on getting you a return on your investment. When you leave, after being with Todd and the community for 4 days, you have the tools and the entire business and sales playbook to accelerate your results. 

That’s why attendees routinely have significant increases in sales revenue, client retention rates, and overall job satisfaction for an entire year after the Academy. 

You learn how to craft questions that build trust and foster relationships. When I first attended the High Trust Sales Academy, I was in my very first year in business. I had just gotten licensed and I didn’t have my scripting down and I didn’t have a plan. That year I closed $7M. Now, I’m over $200M. The High Trust Sales Academy definitely helped me to establish the confidence and the strategies I needed to approach clients and realtors. It taught me the language and the lingo to show up like a top tier professional,” Denise explains.

Attending the High Trust Sales Academy isn’t just an investment in professional development; it’s an investment in your team’s success and your organization’s bottom line.


#4 – It’s a Breeding Ground for Team Collaboration

The High Trust Sales Academy provides a wealth of practical strategies and techniques to enhance not just your skills, but your entire team’s sales performance. From prospecting and lead generation to effective communication and negotiation skills, the High Trust Sales Academy covers the entire sales cycle.

“I usually go alone every year, but last year was the first time I brought my team members. To have 4 uninterrupted days together, planning the year, hearing the strategies, it’s game-changing! There’s something powerful about everybody hearing a message at once and then being on the same page to go and implement. It’s not me rowing the ship anymore, it’s all of us rowing together toward the same goal,” Denise shares.

But not only that…

The High Trust Sales Academy is the only experience in the mortgage space that gives you an entire playbook that you can put into play even before you leave the event.

If you’re ready to accelerate your business results.

If you’re ready to make more money without working harder.

If you’re ready to have a 12-month plan to follow to have an overflowing pipeline, then click here to grab one of the last remaining tickets for The High Trust Sales Academy 2023 in Las Vegas, November 28 through December 1st.


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