How to Get More Business – Even After The Sale

We’ve all heard of a house warming party, right?

Typically, it’s the homebuyer who puts on this event to celebrate them moving into their new home.

But, what if I told you that this was also a powerful strategy for lenders to do to get more business?

Think of it like an open house, but after the home has closed!

See, if we understand that front end open houses are used to showcase a property and we understand that most people that visit during an open house eventually buy a property, then we have to understand that the whole purpose of showing a property is to generate business referrals. 

Here’s how this works:

Once the buyer trusts the agent and trusts the lender, and they’ve successfully closed on that mortgage, it gets recorded. The new homeowner gets the keys and they’re in the home. 

Now, consider partnering with the agent, the title partner, or the escrow partner and hosting a housewarming party for the homeowner’s friends, family, colleagues, or even the entire neighborhood.

Every homeowner may not be receptive to you doing this for them, but even if one out of five do, then you have created a very unique way to turn that one loan into multiple referrals.

How to generate referrals with a housewarming party

What you’re creating is an experience – one that builds not just trust with the homeowner that you’re celebrating, but one that also gets you in front of dozens (if not hundreds) of other people who may want your services now or in the future.

For somewhere between $500-$1,000 you can have the event lightly catered with a menu offering snacks and drinks. You can partner with a local small business in the area to sponsor a raffle of some sort. And, you may even be able to reach out to local entertainment companies to have them sponsor a moon bounce, clown, or some form of activity or entertainment for children.

The point is, you can create an entire event around the closing of the home for your buyer.

You’ll sit with the buyer to get an invitation list, complete with names, phone numbers and emails to send invitations to. You can work with their neighborhood association to get a flyer up advertising the housewarming party – and generate significant buzz to draw people out to the event.

The ultimate goal is to: get in front of people who may want, need, or be actively looking for your services. You’re not there to “sell”, you’re just there to connect and celebrate the closing of the loan.

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