The Mindset it Takes to Grow as a Loan Officer

I have an important question for you. What do you want to be? I mean, really, seriously, at the end of the day, what do you want to be?

I’m going to take you through a process today, and what I know about this process that we’re about to go through and what I know about you and what I know about human behavior and what I know about just opportunity is everybody in this room has to answer the question,

How far do you want to grow?

And if you think about it, how far does a tree want to grow? Well, a tree never stops growing. A tree doesn’t know it wants to keep growing, but a tree always keeps growing because it’s always in growth mode. As long as it’s getting its nutrients, and then as long as it’s getting its water, it will flourish.

So let’s say your career growth is a tree. What would your learning nutrients be? It could be Sales Mastery, the High Trust Sales Academy, it could be Coaching, it could be all three.

But some trees are a little bit tricky. For example, if you made a decision that you wanted to grow a Chinese bamboo tree in your backyard and you planted a seed for that tree to grow, we know that that tree will not grow for the first month or the first year or the second year, the third year, the fourth year, the fifth year, or the sixth year. We know during that time that you have to continue to water it. You need to continue to fertilize it. You need to continue to have faith in it. You need to believe that this tree, this seed is going to come to life and it’s going to grow. And if you just Google Chinese bamboo tree, what you’ll find out is it takes between six and seven years for that seed to take flight under the soil. And in the first year of its existence after pushing its way through the dirt’s surface, the Chinese bamboo tree will grow to 90 feet in a year.

Growth is a Function of Consistent Input

And the metaphor there for me and for you today is that growth is a function of consistent input. Not like every other weekend and maybe not like once a month if you think you need it. It’s about consistent input. And growing is about going. So how far do you want to grow answers the question, how far do you want to go? And for me and for you, the idea has got to be that I want to go to as far as my potential will take me. And if we don’t have the nutrients and we don’t have the watering and we don’t have the connection to what allows us to grow, then we stagnate or we die. And sometimes when we die, we have to revive ourselves and we have to start a new course of action or a new business or a new direction. You don’t want to be on the death side of the growth curve because that means to stay alive, you got to do a lot more than you should have done or could have done earlier to keep your trajectory going up.

Growth is a Choice

And one of the things that I know about growth is it’s a choice. And when you understand grow to go and you understand learn to earn, what you can get your head around is that there is no limit. There’s no limit to what I can achieve. There’s no limit to what I can accomplish. There’s no limit to how far I can take this thing. But there is a 100% connection between what you know and how you grow. Remove knowledge from the equation and your growth is limited. Put knowledge into the equation and your growth is jumpstarted. Don’t pay attention to your growth each day, and it will be limited. Pay attention to your growth each day and it will be spirited.

How High Trust Sales Academy Helped Tim Fund $9.8 Million

Somebody last night was asking me about the academy and what really could happen as a result of that. And I told them a story about a guy named Tim who’s in our Elite Coaching group today. Tim came to our High Trust Sales Academy in 1997 in December, and in 1997 in December he didn’t have enough money to attend and almost canceled a week out and made a decision that if he refinanced his home, he could drop his MIP and skip a payment, and that would be enough for him to have the money to get there and stay there and then learn to earn. And as the story goes in that year, he funded $9.8 million, had never funded over $10 million in five years in the business, and went back with this idea of how far can I grow? And spent every day dialing it in on what needed to happen for his $9 million business to grow. Never, ever, ever did he give up in a day to do something that was growth-centric.

And he ran his regular business during the day and his wife brought their new one-year-old baby to the office so they could eat together as a family. And then he would work from 7:00 until 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. in the morning because he answered the question, how far do I want to grow and what do I need to do to go to get there? And logged 18, 19, 20 hour days every single day, fertilizer, seed, fertilizer, seed, fertilizer, seed, 90 days. And in the fourth month after graduating from the High Trust Sales Academy, he originated 52 loans for $12.3 million in one calendar month.

You Have To Stay Consistent and Learn to Earn

It is the bamboo tree. It is every single day for 90 days, nothing was happening other than $9 million a year. But every single day, the nutrients were being brought in, the seeds were being planted, the processes were being taken care of, the outlines were being reviewed, the scripts were being memorized, the dialogues were being mastered, the part-time delegation was set and in place. And you could argue that in the remaining nine months of that year, when Tim utilized the nutrients from High Trust, he funded $41 million in business. He funded four times the amount of volume he had funded in the previous year in 12 months because he made a decision, how far do I want to go? How far do I want to grow? And what do I need to make that happen?

So as you think things through today and as we kind of walk through it, I am a big thinker. And I’m such a big thinker that I like to watch what happens to people’s lives, and I don’t know that you know this, but the average income in America for licensed loan officers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $63,430 a year. What we know about our Elite members is they make that in a month.

But what I want you to pay attention to is the idea that over a period of time, maybe a year, maybe two years, if you engage in what I’m talking about, you engage in constant consumption of nutrients, you are fertilizing and watering, and you’re being held accountable to a plan. I can tell you that in a year, and for some of you it might take two, you will be in excess of $400,000 a year. Our coaching clients are making eight times the industry average. Our best clients are making 13 times the industry average. Why am I sharing this with you? I’m sharing it with you because I want you to achieve margin in your life as fast as you possibly can. And the biggest place in which margin exists is when you have financial peace of mind.

Ready to Grow?

Our High Trust Sales Academy is coming up. It’s the only live event I’ll be hosting this year, and it’s limited to 250 people. Each of those 250 people are ready to grow at an explosive rate, and they will. Are you going to be one of them?


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