Is the phrase “Do Less to Get More” snake-oil?

I get it. Me saying “Do less to get more” sounds a lot like snake oil.

The most important thing I learned in my 20s as an LO is don’t make more calls, make the right calls to the right people.

Making more money by making more calls is a numbers game.

The second you don’t have numbers, you lose.

Add value when you’re making calls and you won’t need to call ten clients to get a deal. You’ll only need to make one call to get one deal.

How do you hone those sales skills?

Have your Sales Script mentally prepared. That way you’re 110% ready to answer client questions as soon as they have them.

Hesitation kills deals.

So practice.

Literally write out your sales script and record yourself rehearing. Put a system in place to stay on top of follow ups your cold calls become warm connections if you’ve already built the habit of staying in touch with your clients.

It’s all about less time working with the result of more business for you.

Want to master making more by doing less?

There is no better way to learn how to make the most of your time that our High Trust Sales Academy, which is coming up soon. It’s the only live event I’ll be hosting this year, and it’s limited to 250 people. Each of those 250 people are ready to grow at an explosive rate, and they will. Are you going to be one of them?


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