The Most Proven Strategy to Grow Your Business

You’ve landed here for a reason.

You know there must be an easier way to grow your business and have more consistent conversions.

That’s why the best business strategy for growing your business on the planet is… (drum roll please)

It’s called The Circle of Cashflow.

The reason why The Circle of Cashflow is so important is because about 99% of mortgage lenders, lenders, and realtors are losing millions of dollars and added commissions because they don’t understand the intentional process of seeking referrals. 

I don’t know if this speaks for you, but everywhere I go, every audience I ask: How many of you could do a better job building your business around referrals? 

Nearly every hand goes up!

This is a very real problem because there is nothing more valuable and nothing that converts at a higher level than a personal referral. 

So, I want you to understand a step-by-step process on how you can begin to activate the circle of cash flow and everything you do. 


How to Use The Circle of Cash Flow

If you follow the principle in this article, I promise you that more of your business will come from people that already know and trust you, so you don’t have to commit countless hours of your time trying to convince cold audiences to trust you.

Before we go any further you need to understand in a very simple way that the circle of cash flow – using this one example means that any given borrower you work with likely knows at least eight other borrowers.

See, when people are actively pursuing the acquisition of a home and need financing to make that acquisition work, generally they’re talking to friends who are going to or who have done that same thing in the last year.

Which is why we want to use their voice as a referral

And, to do this, we want to use the science of an embedded command. It looks something like this:

“I’m excited to help you make one of the biggest financial decisions that you’ll ever make. And I want you to enjoy this process and make it as stress free for you as possible. I want you to feel very, very safe as we go through this process. And, the reason why I want all of this for you is because at the end of the transaction, my team and I are going to ask you if you know anyone we may be able to help in this way. And, by then we want to be sure we have earned your trust to get that referral.”

Imagine how having this conversation with your borrower upfront can set the stage for a flood of referrals later!


The most powerful question to always ask

One of my top producing elite clients leverages this strategy better than anyone I know. 

When he meets with a borrower, he always asks this powerful question:

What has to happen between now and the time that we hand you your keys for you to feel 100% comfortable and confident to refer us to your friends, family and colleagues? 

Just think about that for a moment. He checks in at the onset of their relationship to discover: 

  1. what success feels like for this client;
  2. how he can serve them well; and 
  3. what their criteria is for them to feel comfortable referring him to other people.


Now, imagine if you implemented the same approach to not just build rapport early on, but to know exactly what you need to do to earn that referral.

Plus, you plant the seed early on for your client to know that if and when you do reach out asking for a referral, they won’t be caught off guard. In essence, you’ve told them upfront that it is your goal to serve them well and help others in their life make homeownership a possibility.

I’ve given you a few referral gems to test out for yourself. If you’re committed to increasing your conversions by building client relationships, then try these strategies out.

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