Current Market Conditions: What to expect and how to help your business survive and thrive

Hey, Todd Duncan coming at you and I just wanted to reach out and say, I hope you’re doing well. It’s a tough market, interesting changes are happening. But here’s what I know about the market we’re in, it’s going to continue to get better.

Everything changes at some point. It’s always the cycle, and good times are good times because they’re good, and hard times are hard times because they’re hard, but there is no bad time if you have the right attitude and the right skill.

How long will these current market conditions last?

I got into the business with interest rates at 20%. I was able to help over 200 borrowers my first year finance real estate in one of the crappiest markets that the industry has ever seen. I can tell you right now, having had conversation with a lot of economists and senior executives, we’re going to get through this and the next maybe three to four months are going to continue to be difficult, but I would start preparing right now for a really beautiful 2024 and 25.

How to prepare your business for the next year

I think you’re going to find the market to be exciting, and I want you to be prepared for that market. That’s why I want to point you to the High Trust Sales Academy. This is something that we do once a year. It’s the most important learning that we offer. You and me together for four days limited to 250 people, and I’m going to walk you through a 400-page playbook on how to get the business that supports your life and your dreams, make more money, have less stress, spend more time with your family, get in better shape, have more health, all the things that we all know that we want. I’m also going to drop an idea periodically between now and then to give you an idea to take to the marketplace. The idea today is talk less and to ask better questions.

Are you asking questions that connect?

The idea today is about the questions you ask. Do the questions you ask give the consumer enough connection where they say yes? If you could only ask one question, it should be this:

“What would it mean to you to own a home?”

10 words. If you were to ask that question to a first time home buyer, you might find out what Tim found out, and that was that the husband and wife and the entire family tree had never owned real estate, and the husband and wife could buy real estate. If they could do that, they’d be the first family in the history of their family to own real estate. They were crying at the end of that question. Tim was able to help them finance that property, buy, close, record on that property. By the way, in the next four months, he got 11 more referred borrowers from that same couple. Talk less, sell more.

How can you improve your business right now, given the current market conditions?

Come to the High Trust Sales Academy. It’s in November of this year. We’re going to be in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s going to be epic. I’ve redone all the curriculum to add even more value for the times that we’re in. Come join us. There’s some discounts right now. I look forward to seeing you there. But remember, seats are limited. Only 250 people will be able to join this year, will you be one of them?


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