What to say no to in your business (and life!)

Do you have a “no” list?

In a recent video, I talked about understanding how much your time is worth. Now that you understand in viewing your time in terms of ROI, I want to talk about figuring out what you tolerate. 

Everyone I’ve talked to throughout mortgage lending, financial planning, real estate sales, and insurance services, all go through this one transformation and pain…Performance.

Life will give you what you tolerate. Watch this six minute video to see my conversation with a top producer around creating a “no list” and why it’s important. 

I challenge you to contemplate…

What to say no to in your business (and life!)?

What are you allowing into your life that you shouldn’t? What are the introspections and thoughts that you have around, “What should I say no to?” The idea of a no list is so much more powerful than a yes list. If we can say no to everything we’re tolerating, that doesn’t work, imagine how much space and time we have to say yes to the things that do work. I’m remarkably, profoundly impacted by the idea that most pain people suffer is because they allow things to happen that they are tolerating that they shouldn’t have happen.The pain you’ll inevitably suffer if you don’t change is because you’ll allow things to happen that you’re tolerating that you shouldn’t. Here is my advice to you:  What are you going to “NOT” tolerate?

How to create your “no” list

You don’t have to have it all figured out at once. Start small, maybe you don’t take calls past 10PM. Whatever it is, just make a decision.

Try this: List out three things in the next one week, two weeks, three weeks, you’re not going to tolerate.

Because your life becomes what you accept, your life is a reflection of who you let in. And if you want a joyful life, if you want a more productive life, if you want to earn more money without the stress and do it in a legitimate way that feels good and feels right, start saying no.

Clean it up before you take it up, say no to the things that are zapping your time so you have time to say yes to the things that will leverage your time. That, my friend, is a massively powerful life and business mastery concept. 

Your life is a reflection of who and what you let in.

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