8 Ways to Build Winning Relationships between Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers

In this excerpt from our Sales Mastery event, we share how to create the perfect relationship between a Loan Officer and a Real Estate Agent that’s a win-win for both.

We call this a Power Partnership!

Here’s what’s great, because of the steps we’re sharing with you here, both Linda and Theresa grew their income significantly. In fact, Theresa went from $8mm to $80mm in a very short amount of time.

Here are their top tips for building a winning relationship between a real estate agent and loan officer:

  1. Get rid of the superficial line that relationships go as deep as networking. A lifelong, income-producing relationship is built on supporting each step of the way which builds trust.
  2. Take the relationship beyond the agent and loan officer. Connect your teams and let them handle the transaction process, while you focus on the relationship and building more business
  3. Referrals go both ways! Referrals can come from anywhere. Be sure to fully support each as if you were on the same team (you pretty much are!)
  4. Share best practices including templates, scripts and workflows to maximize growth and maintain a consistency of process 
  5. Recognize that everyone is equal. Not one role is more important than the other. And, this includes agents, loan officers, title reps, appraisers and more. 
  6. Invite each other to your team building retreats and planning meetings (as appropriate). For example, maybe you join for one day only.
  7. Attend training events together. Check out our upcoming events! 
  8. These relationships take time so focus on people you like and want to support for the long haul

As Todd says, “Deep relationships are built on what each other wants, needs, and values”. Follow these tips and see how quickly your business and happiness grows, while your worry just falls away.

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