How Much Are You Worth?

Understanding your self-worth and financial worth.

Are you earning what you’re worth?

This is a SUPER important question… and it addresses self-worth as well as what you’re worth financially. 

What part of your life are you sacrificing in order to succeed in your job?

Here’s the truth – you’re probably working too many hours and making too little to compensate for the amount of stress it’s creating in your life.

The dialogue we’re about to have through this video will change the trajectory of your life, both economically and emotionally. Let’s dive in.

Your success is not predicated upon how many hours you work, your success is predicated upon WHAT YOU DO during those hours.

Calculating Your Hourly Rate

Think about it in terms of ROI – if you give an hour of your life, what do you expect to get in return?

If you’re working 40 hours a week and making $1,600 each week you’re hourly rate is $40. 

Is that enough? No!

This isn’t about money, it’s about FREEDOM.

The formula is this: Learn to make more money with more value over less hours to fewer of the right people.

This is a simple equation that will change your life. And it’s the equation our coaching members focus on every week with their coach. Raise my hourly rate!

Because, if you don’t put boundaries on your business, you won’t have balance in your life.

How to Earn Your Worth:

1. Constantly ask these 3 questions:

  • How much am I worth per hour?
  • Where am I not spending time on income producing activities?
  • If I took the time from one area and reallocated it to income producing activities how much more would I make?

2. Track and measure where your time is going

  • If you don’t track it, you can’t improve it.
  • The mindset of financially growth oriented people is literally: Where is my time going?
  • Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, and hours become days.

3. Identify where you can delegate lower return tasks  

  • Much of what you do is not earning you money.
  • Identify which tasks are not income producing, and dump it, delay it, our outsource it so you can produce more.
  • This is where knowing your hourly rate really comes into play. If it doesn’t meet your threshold, delegate it out. 

How to Earn More & Work Less

This video is a valuable starting point, but it’s just a starting point. I really want you to reframe your thinking around how much you’re worth, and then to dive into exactly how to achieve that. Rather than reinvent the wheel, why not learn from the experts?

If you’re ready to earn your worth and tame your time monster to double, triple, and quadruple your hourly rate fast (in 12 months or less) schedule a Free Coaching Consultation with a certified expert.

One year from now, you’ll be grateful you started today. 


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