5 Tips for Moving from Busy to Productive – and still get it all done!

Do you ever find yourself busy throughout the day and by the end feel like you got nothing done?

Far too many mortgage and real estate professionals feel this way and it comes down to one thing – Time Management

Managing your time (and staying disciplined to a schedule) ensures that you feel in control and productive throughout the day.

Here are my tips for mastering Time Management: 

  1. Stop doing what you don’t want more of. There are benefits to saying “yes” sometimes, but if you find yourself exhausted, stressed, and wondering why you’ve been so busy (not productive!) then it’s time to pull back.
  2. Master your decision-making for what to say “no” to. Every good decision starts with a strong focus and intention on a goal. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and your buddies invite you to happy hour, should you say “yes”? Remember, I didn’t say these decisions were easy.
  3. Build buffer zones that set a boundary on what you’re willing to do. Make a list of things that get you closer to your goal and then determine if the effort associated with the task is worth it.  
  4. Know that every time you say “no” to something it opens up space to say “yes” to something else (something that gets you closer to your goal)
  5. Create a time journal. Document where your time is going each week to identify the pitfalls that are holding you back from having more time to focus on the high-producing tasks.

Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself ending each day feeling accomplished, proud and excited for tomorrow!


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