Mindset for Growth – Closing the Gaps

Moving from where you are to where you want to be!

While in Cabo with our ELITE coaching members we talked about a super important topic that for most was life-changing.

The question I asked everyone was this:

Do you know your gap?

Everyone can choose to see their gap, know their gap and probably have others telling them what their gap is.

But if you’re running from it, making excuses around it, or simply ignoring it…

You can’t grow.

Closing your gap is the difference between someone who is growing and someone who is staying stagnant.

Which one are you?

How to figure out where you need improvement

Finding you gap is difficult, but you can’t face your gap unless you identify it. 

So I challenge you to contemplate…

  • What does your gap look like?
  • What will your next move be?
  • How can you reset your objectives for even greater growth?

If you don’t know your gap, you can’t close it.

All of this is focused on decreasing the gap that’s stopping you from your ultimate dreams, desires and goals.

You in?

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