Sales Mastery 2023 Announcement

Hi everyone, Todd Duncan here with an update on Sales Mastery 2023.

I’ve looked at all the pain and all the challenges and all of the ups and downs of today’s market, and I’ve decided what you need more than anything right now is tactical ideas on how to win and build the business of next year and the year beyond.

To do that, we’re going to focus on the High Trust Sales Academy this year. We’re going to push pause on Sales Mastery and focus on the tactical implementation that you need right now in the market you’re in to really get a leg up and get ahead of all the pain and all the challenges and put yourself in a position for the opportunity that exists.

This is the time for you to floor it. This is the time for you to be really focused on what works, and I believe that the High Trust Sales Academy, having done so many of these over the year, is the game-changer you need right now. We’ll see you there.

Learn More or secure your seat here:

We do expect this event to sell out quickly, so don’t hold back.

You also have the option to purchase last year’s Sales Mastery Recordings and/or join the Sales Mastery 2024 Waitlist here.


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