Overcoming Fear in Your Business

Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? Maybe not even paralyzed, but reluctant. This can have a huge negative impact on your business and your life. If you let your fear take control, you can’t be as effective in your work. 

In this video, I discuss overcoming fear to level up your business. Check it out.

In my first several months of doing business, I was afraid. I mean, I was flat-out scared. I had a 90-day draw and I had a bunch of real estate agents that I was told to call on and I didn’t have any training.

I was locked in the grip of fear.

The Difference Between Fear and Worry

When it comes to your business, have you ever said the phrase, “One of the things I’m worried about…”? 

If you say this, you need to stop right there. 

Worry causes paralysis. Fear causes paralysis. What you need to do is not worry. What you need to do is get prepared.

You could spend 30 minutes worrying about making a call, or you could spend 30 minutes preparing to make a call, and you would have two different outcomes. If you’re worrying about making a call, you have call reluctance. If you’re preparing to make a call, you have call excitement.

What is Call Reluctance?

Call reluctance is based in the past, on a series of events that didn’t work out. In other words, you got the word no or your call didn’t go really well, and that leads to call reluctance. 

Call excitement is a future event. And you don’t want to give your power away to an event that hasn’t happened. You don’t want to be reluctant about something that hasn’t happened. You want to get prepared for something that you’re going to make happen. Being prepared creates excitement. And if you understand this then you understand that preparation is the mother lode.

Practice Makes You Prepared

One of the things I love to teach people is if you practice more than you play, when you play, you will look like you’ve practiced. But if you don’t practice more than you play, when you play, you will look like you haven’t practiced. And so I want to give you a thought process here. 

According to NBC News, we spend 91% of our time worrying about things that never ever happened. 9% of what we worry about does happen. The 9% that we worry about, if it’s big stuff, let’s get prepared for it.

It’s interesting, too, that in that same search I did this morning, we waste seven years of our life worrying about our sleep, our health, and surprisingly our phone battery. Go figure, right? 

I want you to understand that practice before performance is the high-performance skill of winners. There’s not a football team, a hockey team, there’s no professional sports team, there’s no human being that is a super high-performance athlete that doesn’t practice more than they play.

And so my encouragement to you is to prepare. 

I know that sounds simple but truly over-prepare.

Overcoming Fear to Level Up

Be ready for the situations that arise. Be prepared to be your best version of you. If you’re going to level up and call on people that you’ve never called on, if you’re going to call more successful people in hopes of a relationship, get prepared, get referred. Do you realize if you were referred into a new relationship, that about 90% of the worry you would otherwise have goes away? And so get referred. If I can get referred and I can be prepared, think about the outcome that I’m able to create.

So this is heavy on my heart today, because I don’t want you to spend your life worrying about stuff that never happens. I want you prepared for the things that you want to make happen, and I want you to go for it because only then do you get your best life. 

We’re here to help you win. Just wanted to send this message out to you today. Thanks a lot.


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