How to Turn Your Email List Into $500,000 in New Revenue

One of the most painful experiences that I’ve watched mortgage and real estate professionals get exposed to and actually had to be sorry that they didn’t figure it out earlier in their career is the idea of how valuable their actual database is. 

I learned very early in my career that your database is your largest economic asset. 

Yet 99% of mortgage and real estate professionals do not make this a priority. So, when it really comes down to it, so many of us are missing the greatest opportunity to not only radically improve our cash flow (without actually working harder), but to create passive revenue.

Because the more we devote time into the tribe of people that we have helped one time make real estate decisions, the more that passive revenue grows. And, if you’re not careful and you’re not leveraging and nurturing your email database, you could easily be leaving millions of dollars of income on the table.

Take one of my clients for example. He’s a loan originator in Australia and he has a billion dollar book of business. 

Now, you may be wondering: What does that mean? 

It means that he has a database that is deep enough and loyal enough that it produces revenue FOR him every single month – without him having to go look for new business.


Calculating the value of your email list

I’m going to show you four financial models that you can implement and tap into what I call cash flow abundance. You will be significantly blown away when you understand and can nurture your email list into taking consistent action. Because when you have a fully engaged tribe of people that can do everything you need for the rest of your life financially, just by you helping them make wise choices about buying real estate, selling real estate, financing real estate, and investing in real estate – they’ll have no problem referring new business to you again and again.

Take for example, if you were a mortgage originator, here’s how you would calculate the value of your email list. 

Let’s say we adopt the mindset of a five-year loyalty model. Now, this model is based on you leveraging your connections with people you have done business with.

So, let’s assume that when you build loyalty, someone refers you to or does a real estate transaction with you every 15 months. So that would be four transactions in a period of five years. Let’s say that you make $3,500 on each transaction. In this way, one buyer could be worth $14,000 ($3,500 x 4 transactions). Now with this model, let’s say that you have 500 buyers that you have helped to do at least one loan.

If we take the $14,000 and we multiply it by the 500 you can see that you could have $7,000,000 in cash flow. 

It’s really that simple! When you take a look at an individual that knows, likes, and trusts you and you’re able to leverage those relationships, then you can create TENS OF THOUSANDS in passive income.


What’s Next? Start TODAY!

What would happen if every loan you do this year became another extra loan next year or an extra two loans next year because you understand what we just talked about in this video and blog post? 

If there are millions stuck in your email lists, then you need to take action now, before the end of the year.

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