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Urgent free training for mortgage professionals

Stop rate shoppers in their tracks.

Urgent free training for mortgage professionals

Stop rate shoppers in their tracks.

Increase your conversion by mastering the High Trust Interview

This is the Holy Grail of Sales Influence

The World's Leading Authority on Trust

Todd Duncan is the OG of building trust in the mortgage industry. He is the founder and CEO of the Todd Duncan Group, the most sought after coaching, training, and events company for high performing sales professionals, a 2X NYT bestselling author with over 17 books, and was a top 1% Loan Originator financing over 5,000 transactions in 12 years.

After surviving the worst market as the top Mortgage Loan Officer, Todd came out on top to share his proven method in his New York bestselling book, High Trust Selling.

With Todd’s proven system, you can generate wealth without the stress of chasing down one-time transactions, while massively boosting your productivity and lowering the number of hours worked each week.

Todd Duncan is a transformative speaker, presenting solutions for the real-life challenges that allow you to walk away with a vision, confidence, and a plan to get more out of your business and life!

His mantra is “you can make a living with transactions, but a fortune with RELATIONSHIPS!!

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