Why Don’t You Have a Mortgage Coach?

I’m pulling my hair out right now. Ah!

How come you don’t have a coach?

And I’m not asking that because I want to make you feel bad or wrong or ashamed. I’m asking you because I got asked that question and it was such a moment for me when I was a new loan originator to have a mentor of mine say, “How come you don’t have a coach yet?” And he was mentoring me, but it wasn’t a coaching relationship. It was kind of an idea relationship, and his skillset was not being a coach. I obviously was trying to learn as much as I could from him, but he said, I think you’re at a point in your career that you really need a coach.

It’s time really answer a question and that is, are you operating at your best potential? Are you achieving your own high performance peak?

And I wasn’t. I was doing great, but I wasn’t anywhere near where I needed to be. And so I think it’s super painful when you think about a simple idea. What if a coach could help expedite how fast you get your results so that you work 25% less and accomplish 400% more? I mean, if you just think about that for a second, at a very high level, why work 40 years when you can have a coach and get done in 10 years, what most people take 40 to get done?

So the issue is, “Am I succeeding based on a success protocol that somebody who is skilled in the area of being a peak performance coach can help me implement my best game plan?”

Who Needs a Coach?

Everyone needs a coach. I have two coaches myself right now and I own a coaching company.

I’m being coached by somebody on how to be the CEO of a coaching company. And I started the company and I own the company, but as a loan originator, you have to wonder, “How much money are you leaving on the table, and how hard are you working?”

I got introduced to the idea of labor in revenue out. And I think every originator, every real estate agent, every business professional needs to understand you’ve been given the gift of time. And the big question is, are you operating at peak performance within the time you’re choosing to do business so that the labor in is producing more and more revenue out? That’s the key to coaching. Every single superstar in any single business category, genre, venue, period has a coach. And so the question is as a sales professional, why don’t you? And if you have one, is it the right one?

Benefits of Having a Coach

And so for me, there are a couple of suggestions I want to make to you on why you’d want to consider using our coaching platform. Independent of whether you do or not, the next 10 minutes are going to change your life. And I want you to realize that the gift of time is not renewable. I know it sounds blatantly obvious, but a second gone is gone. Okay? Another second gone, you have 60 of those. And that minute is gone, gone. You have 30 of those and you got 180 gone, hours gone, gone, never to be reclaimed, never to look back and say, I’m going to put that hour in the vault and I’m going to get it back on Friday, never going to happen.

Performance Measurement and Accountability

So the message right now is how are you measuring your effectiveness in the marketplace? And are you measuring your ROI every two weeks based on hours worked and revenue made? And are you tracking the activities so that, by design, as you get better and better you produce a higher and higher hourly ROI? Because I can tell you right now and to make it super simple, that idea of why would you take four times the amount of time to get what you could get in one fourth of the time, if I’m making $100 an hour right now, what would happen to my career if I could jack that up to $400 an hour, everything else being the same, time in $400 out instead of same time in $100 out. Well, you can see that you would for X your performance, which means you could cut 30 years out of a 40 year game plan. I’m only using this as an analogy.

I’m not saying that you do this because you want to stop working in 10 years. Although that’s not a bad idea either. You’ll be bored, but if you’re really good at what you do, then you’re not going to want to ever stop doing it. You might have a succession plan for your team. You might have a son or a daughter that can take over your business. That’s all great. But at the end of the day, right now, you’ve got lifeblood and you’re pouring it into a business. And the question is, what are you getting out of it? So what this does to help you is it helps you minimize the amount of minutes you work without being paid. In a very clear way, if you’re a straight commission mortgage professional, real estate professional, business professional makes no difference. The only asset you have to sell is the hour that’s coming up and the minutes that go into that hour.

Refining Your Daily Disciplines

And so by definition, then it requires you to have a coach that can help refine the disciplines you activate every day. Like how many conversations do you have a day with potential sellers and buyers if you’re an agent? How many conversations a day do you have with a borrower if you’re a mortgage professional? If you’re a branch manager of a mortgage company, how many conversations a day are you having with potential recruits? If you’re a senior executive, how many conversations are you having a day with executive level teammates? It’s all about conversations and conversations advance relationship and relationships that get advanced, advance revenue. Okay. So the conversations lead to the relationship, integrity, and connection, and that leads to cashflow. So what you got to do today is ask yourself, “Do I really want to every given day work eight hours and really only get paid for one?”

Do More in Less Time

If I have a borrower conversation and I can convert that borrower to an app, and that app gets into processing and that’s all I do that day because the rest of the day is filled up doing other stuff. What would happen if you could get two a day and then back to our analogy, one a day versus four a day. If I get one a day, I work 40 years. If I get four a day, I work 10 years. Novel concept, right? And four a day doesn’t require me to go out and find four more. It requires me only to have four and do a better job with each one of them.

So I can instead convert one to a deal that’ll close. I can convert two to a deal that’ll close, or I can convert three to a deal that would close. And I can do all that in under two hours, I could have four half hour conversations or I could get so good at the conversation and use some team bench strength that I could spend 15 minutes. I could do all four borrower consultations in an hour, if they’re 15 minutes each, which is the role I play in the consultation. And then my team does everything else. I’m telling you right now, there is no downside to coaching. And I was talking with a CEO yesterday and they’re getting ready to roll out an enterprise coaching solution with our company installed in their company for their coaching program. And we were talking about the investment, the investment that it would require to provide coaching. And there was a real moment of clarity, and I hope you can and feel this moment right now.

The moment of clarity was the CEO looked at me and he said, so let me make sure I understand this. Somebody could have 24 coaching sessions with one of your certified coaches and have a three hour onboarding process to get everything going the right way. And for the entire year, it would only cost two loan commissions. Am I hearing that right? And I said, yeah, you’re hearing that right. You’re hearing that right. At our master level if you close two transactions, generally that pays for the coaching contract for the year, but that’s not where I want to take you right now. Where I want to take you right now is “Hello.” Because the best business for you to buy stock in is your own business. The best business for you to invest revenue into is your own business.

The Best Investment is an Investment in Yourself

And I got to tell you right now, it is not uncommon for people to come into coaching. And whether it’s an $800, $700 investment per month, or a $1,100 investment per month for our mid-level coaching group, you get that back every month in spades. And so when my mentor said to me, I said to him, he said, did you sign up for coaching? And I said, no, it’s too expensive. And he goes compared to what? And I stopped for a moment. Is it too expensive compared to making more? Is it too expensive to working less? Why would $400 a month be too expensive? And he said, what would happen if that $400 converted into $1,200 in revenue? What if you could make a 300% return every month?

And it just hit me like a ton of bricks. He’s right. And in my entire career, since I graduated from college, I’ve never had one year where I’ve not had a coach. In many years I have two, one year I had three. So do you see the point? You see how this can change your life? Every top producer I know has a coach, everybody that has travel freedom, everybody that has labor freedom, everybody that is investing well and taking all the money that a coach should help you make and investing in asset based products, homes, land, other businesses.

I talked to a loan officer the other day that I’ve coached for seven years. She bought a roofing company because in the state she lives in, hail storms come through all the time. And she’s thinking, I can use a roofing company to help the community, but I can also find sellers of homes that I repair. And I can also find buyers who need a roof inspection. I can do all of this and have an adjunct business. That’s what it’s like to invest.

I talked to another originator that under my coaching has bought 40 acres of land and is developing real estate on that land. But their primary business is mortgage origination. So why have a coach? I would answer that. Why not? And if you want a better life, if you want faster financial freedom, if you want to be able to have more joy and less personal, psychological, and physical stress, get somebody to come alongside you and help you win.

See if Coaching is Right For You (For Free!)

So all I would like you to do as a result of this blog post is to schedule a free coaching call. That’s it. I mean, 30 minutes with one of our concierge team and let them show you what they could help you with. Times are changing, man. And if you’re not changing ahead of your competition, your competition is going to crush you. That’s not a negative play. I’m not trying to sell negativity. I’m just telling you right now, winners stay in the lead and they stay in the lead because they have clarity, they have vision, and they have accountability. All right. So check it out. Maybe it’s time for you to have a coach.


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