What is High Trust Selling?

What is High Trust Selling?

I have a pretty easy question for you. Would you like to make more money? Would you like to make that money in less time? And would you like to make that money in less time with less stress? That is the backbone of how I answer the question when it is asked of me, what is high trust selling? So I thought what I would do is unpack eight things for you in this video to have you really understand what high trust selling is, why I created it and how it will benefit you and your clients. And then encourage you to take a deeper dive with us as we explore what it is that high trust can actually mean to you and mean for your family and do for you and do for your clients.

High Trust Selling Definition

High Trust Selling is an operating system designed to connect people at a deeper emotional core to allow their relationship to thrive in the highest of trust environment. While it is not “software” or “a cloud solution”, what it is, is a way of life. It is a way of being. 

The other thing that I think is important to understand about high trust selling is that it’s a forced filter for you to make a decision on what matters most. And what I mean by forced filter on what matters most, what I’m talking about actually is that filter being a relationship.

Transactions vs Relationships

Early on in my career, you may have heard me talk about this, but I got asked a really important question to which I did not know the answer. And my mentor asked me, “What would you rather focus on, getting loans or getting realtors?” And I said to him, I said getting loans. And he looked at me and he said, “Wrong answer.” And I said, “What do you mean?” And he said, “No, you need to get realtors. You’re not going to go get loans. You need to get realtors. You need to get realtors that like you, that you like. You need to get realtors that trust you, that you trust. And you get realtors that want to experience a relationship with you.” And I started thinking about relationships. I thought I was hired to do loans. And so when John looked at me and he said, “Here’s how important this is.”

He said, 

“Transactions will make you a living. Relationships will make you a fortune.” 

I have trusted that since the age of 23, graduating from college all the way to this morning when I had a call with a CEO. The bottom line is relationships. Relationships matter more than anything. 

The Value of Relationships in Sales

So when we think about high trust, we think about relationships. We think about loyalty. We think about longevity. We think about referability. We think about attraction. We think about easy, effortless, relationships. The right relationships matter. 

I could go look for 10 loans from 10 realtors, or I could look for one realtor that can give me 10 loans. See the difference? And what high trust is a series of decisions that you have to make. So here’s the first decision you have to make. Where do I place my selling confidence? And your selling confidence has to come down to one word. And the word is not “sell.” The word is “help.”

The decision in high trust selling is to be a helper and a guide. So I’m not selling anything, I’m helping. And my products and services theoretically then are going to be linked to the help that I offer. The second point that high trust selling defines is this idea that call confidence, the opposite of call reluctance. 

The Eight Methodologies of High Trust Selling

1. Call Confidence

Call confidence comes from having a predictable process of influence. From the very moment I wake up to the very moment I go to sleep when I am engaging in relationships with people, I have confidence because I know what to do in those relationships. I know the way to grow them. I know the way to relate to them. I know the way to solve for them. I know the way to investigate with them. I know the way to dream with them. 

2. Be Picky about Who You Work With

I know all of that, right? So I move from this state of call reluctance, which is usually based on fear of a call that hasn’t happened, and that’s giving your power away, to call confidence knowing that you do this so well, that you can actually be a little bit picky and choosy about who you engage to do relationship with. So that’s number two. 

3. Selling is Solving

Number three in the High Trust methodology is that selling is solving. Greater solutions equal higher trust. And so the real estate agent or the lender, the leader who’s hiring and recruiting, even of the job and your family relationships and your friendship relationships, it’s super important to understand that you are a resource to help people solve the challenges they face. And you’re always in demand when you do that.

4. Go Deeper With Current Clients

Here’s the fourth point. There’s two ways for you to get more business. One is to get new clients, more clients, or/and go deeper with the clients you have. So there’s a lot of people that have relationships that produce business, but they haven’t gone deep in the High Trust Interview. They haven’t gone deep in learning the emotions and the dreams and the core values that people have. They haven’t decided yet to really risk things and get a little bit more vulnerable and get a little bit more relatable, right? And some flat out have the wrong people. We have people that fire their business partners after learning High Trust. And we have people that go out and get new ones, somewhere in between is the magic formula. But you need a number of partners that can produce a constant flow of buyer referrals.

To be able to do that is to go deeper with the people you have and ultimately go from more people with fewer business to less people with more business. 

5. Put Relationships Above Transactions

The fifth thing is high trust selling is defined as a sales cycle where the relationship is more important than the transaction. And what this means is it means that I have to be aware that if I’m trying to do business with people, they’re going to have options. A borrower will have lending options. A realtor will have lender options. A real estate agent will have options as well. And so what I want to do is I want to really understand that it may not be an immediate yes if I’m targeting the right way and trying to go out and do business, but it doesn’t mean that there’s a permanent no

If I don’t get an immediate yes and I don’t get a permanent no, then it’s about value. And the idea of value is to have a long term perspective. My number one agent that I did business with for almost eight years took 18 months before we started doing business together. And I just had to keep producing value for her, which leads really to this idea that it’s never a matter of if, it’s only a matter when somebody will choose. And what I want to do is I want to create a business that is about value. 

6. Create a Business that Adds Value

So the sixth methodology is to create a business that adds value. Deploy the strategy of giving before you ask to receive. And the most powerful way is a lender can actually bring a seller or buy a referral to an agent as a way to show economic and emotional value.

And when you get into solving and doing business the right way, this is how life ends up working is that I’m going to give, and I’m going to give, and I’m going to give, and then I’m going to get. And that’s going to be the relationship. And I want to be in a relationship where I’m excited to give, which leads to number seven. 

7. The Law of Reciprocity 

The highest degree of influence you and I would ever experience is when somebody we want to do business with reciprocates to our offer and to our value. It’s called the law of reciprocity. People feel that when you give and give and give and give, then there is a moment in time where they feel obligated and they have a desire to give back, to reciprocate. Number seven is the highest form of influence that you will have is when you have people that realize that without you, they will not get the value that they would get with you.

8. Brand Lock In

And that leads to this eighth idea, which is called brand lock in. And brand lock in is simply the idea that if I give you enough intellectual value, emotional value, economic value, you will refer me like you have never referred, you will commit to me like you’ve never committed, and you’ll go out of your way to tell people that I’m the best and that I must use you. And then it’s up to me to earn the right to take that to the finish line. So just a quick 10 minute overview of why high trust selling works, what is the methodology behind high trust selling. 

I promise you this. The higher the trust, the more successful you will be.

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