How to Succeed in Any Market: Even in a Limited Inventory/Multiple Offer Purchase Market

It doesn’t matter what market you’re in, what matters is how you’re in that market. 

In the latest video, Todd Duncan covers the three steps you must take to win and win decisively in any market condition. This includes today’s limited inventory multiple offer purchase market! 

There seems to be some uncertainty right now in the market, and with that comes confusion on how to prepare and pivot before market trends become market truths.

3 Steps to Succeed When Market Conditions Change

You can still be hugely successful in any market, as long as you MASTER the

following three steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Lane 

This means to pick a direction and focus, for example, transactions versus building relationships. 

While you can be successful either way, the reason Todd chose to deepen relationships is because he believes that while transactions make you rich, relationships make you wealthy. Build relationships and the transactions will follow.

Step 2: Deepen Your Relationships

Deeper relationships produce more trust which accelerates business – deeper equals connection and connection equals consistency. 

How do you do deepen your relationships?

Slow down the conversation, ask meaningful questions, feel the humanity, and understand that connection rules all loyalty. To build loyalty, make sure that you’re being a giver before being a taker. 

Step 3: Own the Idea of Nurturing Your Network 

With tight inventory and economic uncertainty, follow-up and adding value have never been more important. No matter what the market conditions, you need to follow up and add value. 

If you’ve chosen the relationship lane and have deepened those relationships, you will want to follow up! Nurturing your network is about being in touch. At some point, it will make sense that instead of focusing on nurturing new prospects, you will want to nurture the current relationships you have. 

Try dedicating an hour to strategic follow-up. Remember: If you don’t follow up with them, they won’t follow through with you! 

Want more?

Remember, the market does not dictate your success, how you perform in a market is what dictates your success. You’re in charge of your destiny. 


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