How to Help Agents Find Buyers Fast

I’m always amazed at just how many lenders don’t understand the recipe to help agents sell more homes.

Because when you know how to position agents to be more successful, then you ultimately create an unlimited pipeline of referrals.

That’s why it’s really critical to understand, as  Zig Ziglar would say, “Your job is to help other people get what they want.”

So, as a lender, I believe the goal as a loan officer is to make it easy for your agents to win. And when I say win, I mean financially!

If we can keep this focus when we interact with agents, you create a partnership that is a true win-win for everyone involved.

Listen, I don’t just say this to you, this is the strategy I teach even my millionaire loan officers. And it’s a strategy they’ve used to generate over a half a million dollars in business to their agents. 

Add to that the very top of the group I mentor are able to make between $2.5 and $3 million in commissions back to their agents and referral partners. 


How to help agents find more buyers

Now I want you to be in the driver’s seat on this (which is where I want you to be) then you must understand that there’s the recipe for them needing you more than you need them. Think of it this way… an agent gives you a borrower today and that borrower converts and you’re looking at that borrower in terms of a home purchase.

But, what happens after the sale is equally as important, especially when you’re looking to drive referrals.

So, if you can help the agent make more money and do so with ease, then you’ll have a partner for life!

See, when you’re helping people achieve economic prosperity, you’re helping them remove the greatest stress that most people have in their life. 

Research says that between 78% and 86% of consumers say that financial stress is the number one stress in their life. And, for a real estate agent that is doing less than 10 deals a year — imagine what would happen if we could get them to 16 to 20 to even 24 deals a year? 

With the right partnership strategy, this leap is absolutely possible!


How to leverage referrals to help agents

Now I’m sure you’re wondering…

Todd this all sounds great, but how do I put this in action?

The program that we teach is called the Consumer Referral Program and it basically creates a way for you to bring the agent, the builder, or the financial planner more business.

Here’s how it works…

If a real estate agent refers 10 potential buyers to me and two are ready to go and eight are not, then when those eight are ready to buy, they’ll need an agent. And, so when it’s time, the agent gets the referral back.

With the two referrals who are ready to go then we take them into the right product, the right mortgage planning recommendation, strategy management all the way to closing the loan and getting them their keys.

Take for example, as a lender I have a borrower and I’m doing an annual mortgage review, I always ask: “What are your real estate dreams and goals for the next three to five years and beyond?”

I do this for a reason, it gives you a glimpse into how you can refer the person out to your network. Because if you know that someone is looking to move soon, then you can connect them with an agent. 

Here’s another strategy…

With the agents you work with, make a point to meet with them regularly and ask this one question: “Who have you met with recently who you think may not use you as an agent?” 

That way you, as the lender, can call them and see if the value you bring can help bring them back to the agent who is your partner.


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