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Your free coaching consultation is a simple, friendly conversation with one of our expert business consultants.  Here’s what you can expect:

✓ Schedule a 30- to 45-minute call.

✓ Share a little bit about your goals and how you run your business currently.

✓ We’ll conduct a personal business “diagnostic” test.

✓ Provide you a plan for the actions you can take to achieve your goals.

Book at your own convenience: please call: (855) COACH HT

What to expect

We help people fall in love with their life

✓ Our coaching members earn 10x the industry average.

✓ You can gain access to proven systems for success – and stop reinventing the wheel.

✓ Top agents systematize their lead gen so new leads and listings naturally come to them.

✓ Bi-Weekly coaching sessions will keep you accountable and on track.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Experience so much more than coaching sessions..

Included Special Event Pricing

Learn the power to be your best and get the most out of your business and life.

Member Resource Vault

Unlock scripts, business plans, marketing plans, social media outlines, checklists and decks.

Private Facebook Group

Expand your network, share your success, share your ideas, and connect with others.

High Performance Tracking System

Track your progress with your coach to maximize your personal and team growth.

Private Vision and Planning Kick-Off

Map out your goals and set about the process of equipping you for achievement and greatness.

Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Sessions

Your coach will lead you through Todd Duncan's 7-step "Go Zone" Coaching Call.

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