How to Build Trust with Agents and Borrowers

Do you want to build trust with agents, builders, borrowers, and more? This questionnaire, also known as The High Trust Interview will guide you through which trust-building questions to ask in order to build loyal, long-lasting, referrals happy relationships.

Ready to build trust with your agents and borrowers? 

Overview of the High Trust Interview

Step 1: A High-Impact Opening including:

An appreciation for the prospect’s time. 

A statement of impact that uniquely sets you apart from your competition and foreshadows the value that the conversation will hold.

A quick transition to the questioning process.

Step 2: The Core Values Conversation

Ask questions that predictably lead you to your prospects’ greatest values as they consider life, business, and a relationship with you.

Thoroughly understand the prospect’s values and buying strategy.

Show the prospect how you can deliver on those values with your solutions and strategies.

Step 3: Needs in Order of Importance

Relational needs and expectations on which the prospect places the highest value nearly always have to do with deliverables and the expectations. Learn how prospects expect you to conduct business and maintain the relationship, so you can customize a highly attractive buying strategy.

Elicit as much information about the need(s) as possible in an efficient and professional manner.

Then commitment to meeting and exceeding the needs they have to build stronger loyalty as a result.

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