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Looking for a magical script or tactic that can persuade prospective clients to stop rate-shopping you? You’re going to be disappointed…

Too many LO’s look to tricks, tactics, and hacks instead of building the foundation that transforms their business into an easy, lucrative and fun career. 

What works? It’s all about establishing a high-level of trust with your clients and prospects. Done right, you establish yourself as an expert in your field and prospects will be more likely to choose you as their mortgage professional even if you don’t have the lowest rate!

You’re also creating a network of loyal clients and referral sources who will continue to bring you business for years to come.

Now Watch Todd Duncan’s training below to see how to build high-trust relationships with your clients and prospects.

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The Leading Authority on High Trust

Todd Duncan is leading authority in the mortgage industry, and a speaker and author. Over 30+ years, he has taught thousands of mortgage professionals how to achieve success, not through marketing or constant hustling, but through partnerships and relationships built purely on High Trust.


After surviving the worst market as the top Mortgage Loan Officer, Todd came out on top to share his proven method in his New York bestselling book, High Trust Selling.


With Todd’s proven framework, mortgage professionals like you can generate ongoing high revenue without the stress of chasing down one-time transactions, while massively boosting your hourly rate and lowering your hours worked each week.

Take The First Step Towards Freedom with Your Free Coaching Consultation…

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