Why Don’t You Have a Mortgage Coach?

Mortgage Coach Benefits

What if a coach could help expedite how fast you get your results so that you work 25% less and accomplish 400% more? Why are you holding yourself back? The truth is that everyone needs a coach (I have two myself!) so if you don’t have one yet, you’re not accomplishing what you could be. That’s the truth.

Is Your Success Accidental?

how to create a business plan

Do you have a business plan? If you don’t plan your business, the business will either fail or not meet your actual goals. In this video and blog post, I want to provide four steps to business planning. And then I’m going to give you a step-by-step solution on how you can activate a business plan beginning right now so that you can get through this year successfully, purposefully and intentionally.

99% of Loan Originators Don’t Do This

strategic partnership planning

Right now, the market is very, very, very crazy, and I think the problem that we need to address is a problem that is not just driven by the current market. It is certainly amplified by the current market, but it’s also a discipline that 99% of loan originators don’t do, and that is what […]